The following priority has been established for using donated funds to maintain and improve the median in Fox Chase Boulevard:

  • weed control in landscape beds
  • pruning of shrubs/bushes
  • weed control/fertilizer for grass areas
  • replacement of existing plants (impacted by weather, new variety)
  • edging and mulch for existing landscape beds
  • replacement of aging tree groves in partnership with the City of St. Charles, for example, if a single tree in a clump of three tree dies - the City will replace the dead tree and the Foundation will replace the other two to maintain the "grove" appearance

The expected annual maintenance cost is between $5,000 to $7,000 per year depending upon the level of care.  An additional reserve fund has been established to cover tree grove replacements.

The original landscape plans for the median areas are shown in the attached PDF file. Given the size of the Boulevard, the plans are split into five pages, with the first page covering the Dunham Road entrance area while the fifth page covers the Winner's Cup Circle, Bridle Court, Keim Court islands.  Some deviations were made from the original plans due to the selection of more appropriate plants capable of surviving the harsh elements in the median.

Volunteers are welcome!  We are always seeking ideas and suggestions to improve the Median areas!